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Get this high-quality clothesline pulley from Everlast Pulleys LLC. Built with a spoked wheel of impact-resistant copolymer, this pulley is surely durable. And with its quality materials, this clothesline is designed for extended life. Its new, tough, sleek bracket is molded with specially developed engineering polymer made for high performance. It is equipped with a deep groove that helps retain the line. This product is perfect if you want a pulley with the same quality as the #50 pulley but larger in size. 2 per pack.

Everlast® #40 Clothesline Pulley 2 Pack with 5" Wheel

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Everlast® #50 Clothesline Pulley 2 Pack with 4" Wheel

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Everlast® #60 Clothesline Separator 4 Pack

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Everlast® #70 Utility Pulley 4 Pack with 2-1/2" Wheel

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Everlast® #90 Line Tightener

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Everlast® #100
(100ft Clothesline Kit)

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Everlast® #200
(200ft Clothesline Kit)

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Everlast® 100 Foot Full #8 Cotton Reinforced Core Clothesline

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Everlast® 200 Foot Full #8 Cotton Reinforced Core Clothesline

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Everlast® #99 Clothesline Hardware Only Kit

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The World's Best Pulley Systems

Clothesline Systems

Discover a tough, durable clothesline system that's designed and manufactured in the United States. Everlast® clotheslines use our original pulley system for superior performance and longer life.


OEM Pulleys & Special Applications

Create better equipment with Everlast® pulleys. We manufacture stock and custom products for OEM equipment, including exercise equipment, instant garages, ham radio antennas, and more.

OEM Pulleys


Find out what customers are saying about our clotheslines. Our testimonials page features real quotes from users of Everlast® clothesline products.


About Everlast® Pulleys LLC

Everlast® Pulleys LLC creates the world's best pulley systems and hardware. Based in Beacon Falls, Connecticut, we design and manufacture all our products in the USA and distribute them to OEM manufacturers and hardware distributors nationwide. Our team has more than 40 years of experience in the industry, so we understand what our customers want – great products at affordable prices. Everlast® Pulleys LLC products are available nationwide at fine hardware stores. If your favorite hardware store does not carry our products, just ask them to call us. We are eager to support your local community. 

Our founder started Penn Plastics Incorporated of Bridgeport Connecticut 35 years ago. He sold that company, but kept the Everlast® Pulley product line. Today, we continue to produce the finest and most durable pulley systems in the industry.

Our Mission

To offer the highest quality products in this field available


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