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“Hi Ray, I purchased these Everlast Pulleys (#50s) more than 25 years ago in Perth Amboy, NJ. They were in use there and in Edison, NJ since then. We don’t use a dryer much, except in the winter so they got plenty of use. Two of the pulleys were under an awning, and two were out in the yard on top of a steel pole. The pulleys outlasted the steel pole in the yard, the steel pole fell down this past year, and I need to replace it.”….
— F.C., Edison, NJ

"Hi Everlast Pulleys, I got my clothesline kit! I've hung out many loads of clothes - I love it, I love it, I love it. Thank you so much, it's just fabulous... Thank you, you're great."
— A Satisfied Customer in St. Paul, Minnesota

"These Breeze Easy Line Tighteners are great! We use them for lots of securing jobs around camp and on the road, everything from easy tightening of awning lines to fastening our gear to the trucks. A superbly handy and well-engineered tool."
— A Satisfied Customer in Morgantown, West Virginia