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OEM Pulleys & Equipment

Create the ultimate dog trolley system with great pulleys from Everlast® Pulleys LLC. We are based in Beacon Falls, Connecticut, and ship OEM pulleys to customers nationwide.

Dog Runs

Let you dog run free. The Everlast® #70 Utility Pulley is an essential part of a quality dog run trolley.

Tie-Downs & Signage

Our products have a huge range of uses. The Everlast® #90 Breeze Easy Line Tightener is great for tie-downs and signage. Contact us to discover more useful applications.

OEM & Specialty Applications

Add the functionality and durability of an Everlast® pulley in your product. We provide stock and specially modified components for OEM equipment. Call us directly for bulk orders. Possible applications include:

• Exercise & Rehabilitation Equipment
• Instant Garages
• Wire & Cable Distribution on Job Sites
• Ham Radio Antennas

Beware of Cheap Imitations

Many other companies have copied our pulley design, but no one comes close to matching the quality of our products. Be careful of imitations! In this era of international trade and cheap foreign labor, you may occasionally find a pulley that looks like ours, but does not bear the Everlast name. Our parts are designed and manufactured made in the USA. They are the originals and we stand behind their quality.