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Eco-Friendly & Budget-Friendly

Your customers will love our affordable clotheslines. Hanging laundry to dry is a great way to save electricity and reduce wear and tear on clothes, so our products are good for the planet and easy on your wallet. They save precious natural resources and save you money.

The Everlast® #40 Clothesline Pulley with 5" Wheel

This product is perfect for customers who prefer a larger pulley made from the same high-quality materials as our #50 pulley. Features include:

• Spoked Wheel Made from Impact-Resistant Copolymer for Extended Life
• Touch, Sleek Bracket Molded from Specially Developed Engineering Polymer
• Deep Groove That Retains Line and Is Gentle on the Line

Everlast® #60 Clothesline Separator and Support

Tangled lines are a thing of the past with this patented separator. This is America's most unique and functional clothesline separator and the first of its kind to really work. It features the same superior durability as the rest of the Everlast product line, with the body made from reinforced nylon for exceptional strength.

The top of the separator features a nylon wheel for easy rolling across the top pulley line, while the bottom is designed to move with the lower line to support the weight of wet clothes, keeping both lines linked together to prevent sag and drag. This product is easy to use and is uniquely designed to resist accidental fall-off. There is nothing else on the market that compares to this product's superb function and design.

Separator Details

This product is available in a four pack (EV60-4). Each pack costs $24.50 plus shipping and handling and weighs 9.2 oz. One separator is recommended approximately every 10-15 feet for optimum performance of a pulley clothesline system.

Better Clotheslines

Our clotheslines make hanging laundry easier. Everlast® Pulleys LLC in Beacon Falls, Connecticut, manufactures high-quality, durable clothesline pulleys and separators.

Probably the best cotton clothesline you can buy! This is the clothesline your Grandmother used – maybe even better!

ECO Friendly!! 

A full #8 (¼”) Diameter for more strength & longer life!
About 25% thicker than most cords sold today!
Soft and Flexible!
Polished to avoid kinks!
Abrasion Resistant!
Holds Knots Securely
Made in the USA!!


Everlast® #90 BreezeEasy® Line Tightener (EV90-1)

Keep your clothesline taut in any conditions. The newest addition to the Everlast product line, the patented BreezeEasy Line Tightener, has been engineered for simple and effective setup and maintenance of rope tension in various types of clothesline systems. It's easy to load and release, even when the rope is frayed, and the patented design ends the frustration common with metal "plunger" style tighteners. The design is compatible with 3/16" through 3/8" solid rope.

Molded with reinforced impact-resistant polymers, the Line Tightener is designed to be a workhorse even after years of weathering. It features heavy-duty stainless steel springs and can be anchored in a variety of ways to suit the application: through the main ring by line or hook, or through two specially designed #10 screw holes built into the housing. This product comes one to a pack for $9.50 each and weighs 5.4 oz.

Everlast® Clothesline Kit

Get everything you need to set up a high-quality clothesline at your house. You just need to add clothespins.
This kits weighs 3 lbs. 4 oz. and costs $67.50. It includes:

• Everlast #50 Clothesline Pulleys (2 each)
• Everlast #60 Clothesline Separators (3 each)
• Everlast #90 BreezeEasy Line Tightener (1 each)
• Clothesline Hooks (2 each)
• 100 Feet of Quality Full #8 Cotton Clothesline
• Instructions

Everlast® #40 Clothesline Pulley 2 Pack with 5" Wheel Get this high-quality clothesline pulley from Everlast Pulleys LLC. Built with a spoked wheel of impact-resistant copolymer, this pulley is surely durable. And with its quality materials, this clothesline is designed for extended life. Its new, tough, sleek bracket is molded with specially developed engineering polymer made for high performance. It is equipped with a deep groove that helps retain the line. This product is perfect if you want a pulley with the same quality as the #50 pulley but larger in size. 2 per pack. Everlast® #50 Clothesline Pulley 2 Pack with 4" Wheel Everlast #50 Everlast® #60 Clothesline Separator 4 Pack EverlastĀ® #60 Clothesline Separator 4 Pack
Everlast® #70 Utility Pulley 4 Pack with 2-1/2" Wheel Everlast® #90 Line Tightener
Everlast® #100
(100ft Clothesline Kit)
Everlast® #200
(200ft Clothesline Kit)
Everlast® 100 Foot Full #8 Cotton Reinforced Core Clothesline Everlast® 200 Foot Full #8 Cotton Reinforced Core Clothesline
Everlast® #99 Clothesline Hardware Only Kit